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      Security Chips

      • CAM Security Chip Series products provide Core Chip Technology Support for CAM products. Integrate security technology into Voice chips、IOT Chips、Biosensor chips,provide security for information life.

      • Series Product:SM1658,SM1659,SM1660,SM1670,SM1680

      • Application Fields:Applied to Digital TV Conditional Reception




      Physiological Sensor Chips

      • Touch Chips SNSL8001 aiming at the development demand of flexible screen, it integrates touch and pressure sensing and is widely used in mobile phone, PAD, notebook and game entertainment products. The SNSL8002 being designed has lower power consumption, higher accuracy and richer interfaces than SNSL8001.

      • Series Product: SNSL8001

      • Application Fields:Applied to Flexible Screen Pressure Sensing




      IOT Chips

      • GTK1901 is a fingerprint algorithm + master control + voice chip + four-in-one touch button chip designed by the group for intelligent door locks.The Group is introducing Zigbee, BLE, 433 and other technologies into the IOT chips to realize the interconnection of everything.

      • Series Product: GTK1901

      • Application Fields:Application Fields:Smart Home System







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